The Best Whey Protein Powder and When to Take It

The Best Whey Protein Powder is made with the highest quality using all natural and organic ingredients.

Whey protein is the most common type of protein powder found on the market today. Whey, a by product of the making of cheese is a very easily and rapidly digested protein source which offers a quick pickup and helps the athlete or body builder to build more lean muscle mass.

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There are such a wide array of different whey proteins on the market today that finding one which will help you in your athletic pursuits isn’t at all difficult. The issue seems to be that they are not all created equally when it comes to nutrition and that many people are not aware of the best time to take the best whey protein powder.

Finding the best whey protein powder based on the taste, the ability to mix well and several other factors, including pricing, takes a little comparison shopping. Protein powder, specifically whey protein powder can be a vast assistance in your body building or athletic efforts.

Some types of whey protein powder are more high quality than others, which goes without saying. The whey protein is actually better quality than other varieties. The whey proteins here are of top quality, but the other aspects of the protein, including palatability may make it such that you’re not inclined to want to use it.

If you can’t handle the taste, you’re probably not getting the most out of it because you simply don’t take the drink.

You may also not be aware that today, many trainers believe that taking a whey protein before you exercise may be more helpful than taking in protein afterward and that a high quality whey protein taken in before your training may increase your metabolism.1 In government and objective studies in both the United States and Great Britain, it’s been shown that a small protein shake prior to workout is actually better than protein shakes post workout if you only use one or the other.2
When you are selecting a whey protein powder to use make sure that whey protein isolate shows up as the first ingredient in your whey powder and you should always check to ensure that the whey protein is a pure form of whey protein isolate. This information will be available on the nutritional information of your product.

The best whey protein may be subject to your own particular likes and dislikes. Some varieties only come in a given flavor. If that isn’t a flavor that you like, our rating of it as a positive won’t mean a great deal to you, so bear in mind that we’ve rated these based on the type of protein, but also our own likes and dislikes, as well as what other athletes consider to be drawbacks.

The primary methods we used to compare the whey supplements and to arrive at the best whey protein powder are these:

The Mixability of a product is how well it will dissolve in the medium with which you are mixing it and how much foamy content, grit, or lumps may occur in the product.

Taste is another factor which we took under advisement. How good does it actually taste and does it leave grit or an overall too sweet or too intense after taste.

Protein Factor–The protein level, the natural or unnatural nature of the product, as well as the type of filtration which is used for the whey content.

The top whey protein powders along with their positive and negative aspects are shown here:

Optimum Gold Standard Protein is one of the top products in the field and is used by many athletes. The protein is high quality and the price is excellent for a reasonable protein. Mixability shows that Gold Standard does leave some grit and lumps when mixed. The texture and the protein profile are quite reasonable for a low priced product. It nets a good protein rating, 8 out of ten by most athletes. Where it seems to fall short is flavor. Many athletes like the chocolate flavors, but do report that the cookies and cream flavor simply isn’t one that athletes tend to want, which they consider a drawback. Gold Standard Whey Protein retails for about 50-55 dollars for the 5 pound canister, which is a very good price for this type of product. Optimum Gold Standard Protein offers about 42.52 grams of protein per dollar spent on the product.

The Now Foods Whey Protein is also a solid protein product with a fairly good nutritional profile. It offers a reasonable mixability factor, as well as an overall relatively good flavor. The protein profile is very good, rating 9 out of ten by most people who were questioned and who reviewed the product. The only down side that they found was that the price was overall not that competitive. Now Foods whey protein retails for 52 to 60 dollars for the 5 pound canister. Many of the athletes and people who reviewed it felt that it was slightly overpriced for the product and that other, comparable products could be found which were more cost effective. Now Foods Whey Protein offers about 38 grams of protein per dollar spent.

Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein is a high quality whey protein product. The price is comparable–although slightly higher than the Optimum product, and the mixability does seem to be reasonable for the product. Overall, athletes were not pleased with the flavors offered. Many say that the texture is not pleasant and that it was less palatable than others they had used. The cost for Jarrow Formulas whey protein is approximately 59.50 per five pounds of the item. It supplies about 45 grams of protein per dollar spent on the product.

BSN Syntha-6 Whey Protein, another of the whey protein products offers a high quality of protein, with a mixability that is fair to good according to reports. There are sometimes clumps of the product remaining and there is a less than perfect texture to the product, although that does vary by the reviewer. BSN Syntha-6 does boast flavors which are highly palatable according to reviewers, and retails for approximately 45-55 dollars for 5 pounds of the product. It supplies approximately 44 grams of protein for each dollar spent on the product.


Overall, taking into account pricing, the mixability, the texture and flavor, as well as the amount of protein per dollar spent, the winner in the “best whey protein powder” comparison appears to be the Optimum Gold Standard whey protein, which supplies a higher level of protein per dollar spent on the product. In addition, the protein is of a high quality and the mixability is good. The only drawback which seems to be reported is that one or two of the flavors are not recommended, but according to athlete reviews, the overall product is cost effective and good quality.

1. Whey is more effective before a workout than after —

2. [Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2001 Aug; 28 1(2):E197-206.]

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The Best Whey Protein Powder Recipes

Take the Best Whey Protein Powder with its many flavors first thing in the morning, along with your breakfast…

Protein is vital to the health of the human body. The muscles cannot accumulate mass and become strong without sufficient amounts of it. It is quite difficult to eat enough protein on a daily basis especially when you are a bodybuilder or participate in an active lifestyle. This is where the Best Whey Protein Powder recipes come into play. A powder like this is easy to add to your diet.

A great example of Whey Protein Powder is the Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard. This powder contains whey protein isolates (which are 90% protein by weight) for its main source of protein. The use of these isolates enables this powder to provide you 24 grams of pure protein each serving. It is also low in lactose, cholesterol, fat and other unneeded ingredients. This is touted to be the Best Whey Protein Powder for these facts and more. Let’s look at more information to see why this is true.

About Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition makes daily inspections of blending, production and storage area to ensure the highest quality of its products are maintained. This protein powder is GMP certified and is registered with the NSF International, which conducts the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program to ensure the product is safe for human consumption. This company has been providing nutritional products to active people since 1986. It keeps striving today to provide these people with quality solutions for their nutritional needs including the Best Whey Protein Powder in the Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard.

Whey Protein Information

A protein blend made up of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and whey peptides are included in this effective Whey Protein Powder. You may wonder why whey is used so much in protein. The answer is easy it is an excellent source of protein for the body. It is a byproduct of the process for making many cheeses, so it is readily available for use in protein powders.

It has long been known that supplementing the diet with whey protein helps bodybuilders build muscle mass. Research has been performed which proves this fact along with an increase in muscle strength by supplementing the diet with the Best Whey Protein Powder. There is conflicting results in other studies though, so more research is definitely merited. However, the body needs a certain amount of protein each day to maintain health, and supplementation can achieve this goal for sure whether or not you are active.

Whey protein is an effective source for amino acids and these reduce the risk for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. The whey provides the body with the special BCAAs or branched chain amino acids that provide the working muscles with fuel and stimulates the synthesis of protein in the body.

Whey protein is also a great source of leucine and this plays an important part in protein synthesis. When protein synthesis is increased after a workout, it helps the body recover more quickly. This type of protein may increase the cellular glutathione. Glutathione provides an antioxidant effect in the body and fights off damage from toxins and free radicals.


Along with the protein blend mentioned above, this powder contains soybean lecithin to improve the mixing ability. It also contains artificial flavoring, lactase, Aminogen, acesulfame potassium. For those of you unfamiliar with Aminogen, it is an important ingredient that increases the level of amino acids in the body, while boosting the body’s ability to retain nitrogen.

Flavor Choices

This Best Whey Protein Powder comes in a variety of flavors. The many flavors keep you from becoming bored with the same one taken on a daily basis. You will be less inclined to drift away from your nutritional routine this way. Check out the delicious flavors below:

Banana Cream

Cake Batter

Cookies and Cream

Chocolate Malt

Vanilla Ice Cream


Strawberry Banana

Chocolate Coconut

Tropical Punch

Rocky Road

French Vanilla Creme

Delicious Strawberry

Extreme Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate

Mocha Cappuccino

Caramel Toffee Fudge


Double Rich Chocolate

If you purchase more than one flavor, there is no reason you can’t mix them for even more variety.

Nutritional Information

In one serving of this Best Whey Protein Powder, there is 120 calories only 10 of which are from fat. A serving size is 1 rounded scoop, which is equal to 29.4 grams of powder. You also receive 1g of fat, 30mg for cholesterol, 60mg of sodium, 3g carbohydrates, and 1g sugars along with the 24g of protein. In addition, one serving of this Whey Protein Powder provides 10% of daily requirement of calcium.

Benefits of Using This Best Whey Protein Powder

One of the benefits to using this Whey Protein Powder over other brands is the fact that it tastes delicious. Not all brands of whey protein provide you with a good flavor. Another plus is how thoroughly this powder mixes in the liquid of your choice. Even with a shaker cup, it leaves almost no clumps.

Aside from how well it mixes and tastes, this protein also does its job by helping to define muscles. I have noticed a dramatic difference in just a few short months. It is great for post-workout protein enhancement as well as a daily protein supplement to take first thing in the morning, along with breakfast. It is also low in carbohydrates and sugars.

Some people have problems digesting whey protein. They can get gas, cramps, bloating or feel fatigued just to mention a few symptoms. I found no such problem with this Whey Protein Powder due to the way it is made.

Quantities This Best Whey Protein Powder is Available in for Purchase

This Whey Protein Powder comes in 1-pound, 2-pound, 5-pound and 10-pound containers. Flavors may vary in availability depending on the size you wish to buy.

Where to Purchase

The world’s largest online retailer carries this particular protein powder shipped straight from them, or one of their members. The prices range from $21.88 for a 1-pound container to $97.99 for a 10-pound container. The 10-pound one is also available for free shipping.

Check out this Whey Protein Powder, whether you are a bodybuilder, sport player, fitness nut, or just someone wanting to improve your nutrition. It is easy to see by the information above why the Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard is so beneficial. As stated earlier, protein plays an important part in making the body strong and healthy, so it is important to get the required daily amounts in, and the more active you are, the more protein you may need. This Best Whey Protein Powder in this review will help provide you with additional protein above what you consume in your meals.

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Do the Best Whey Protein Powder Shakes Make Women Bulky?

After my workout, I drink a Best Whey Protein Powder Shake and I enjoy immediately more energy…

Whey protein powder has been popular in the fitness world for some time, but many women have been avoiding it. Maybe you have avoided using the best whey protein powder because you don’t want to bulk up. After all, no woman wants the bulky muscles of a man. So, do the best whey protein powder shakes make women bulky? Absolutely not!

Today it is possible to find quality powders that provide great nutrition, aid in muscle recovery and so much more. In fact, if you’re worried about bulking up, I’m a woman that complements my daily hour of intense weight training with two of Optimum 100% Whey Gold Standard powder shakes available.

I’m not bulky in any way, and there’s actually a reason that whey protein powder won’t make women bulk up. If you’re afraid of getting those large bulky muscles that men do, don’t worry. Women don’t have the same hormones as men do, which means you won’t end up with muscles that make you look like The Hulk.

While you don’t have to worry about bulking up from drinking the best whey protein powder shakes, you will find that using whey protein offers some great benefits for women.

Stop Those Bad Cravings

Are you constantly craving sweets and carbohydrates? I’ve been there. I used to crave sweets all the time. You may feel tired a lot or be dealing with a few extra pounds you’d love to get rid of too. The reason you may be dealing with those cravings, low energy and a few unwanted pounds may be that you’re not getting enough low-fat protein as a part of your diet.

All women, of every shape, size, body chemistry, body composition and ethnic origin need plenty of protein in their diet. Sometimes it’s tough to get that protein because you probably don’t sit down to high protein meals like many men do. However, consuming whey protein powder allows you to eliminate that protein deficit.

Once I began drinking the best whey protein powder shakes, I saw a huge difference. First, I enjoyed more energy. I didn’t feel tired all the time anymore. I also notice that I wasn’t constantly craving sweets. Since I get the protein my body needs, my body doesn’t crave that quickly sugar fix for fast energy anymore. I even took off those few pounds that had been plaguing me for so long.

Enjoy Better Performance

If you enjoy getting involved in sports like I do, whey protein powder also allows you to enjoy better performance. Female athlete’s burn off proteins when involved in intense physical activity, just like men do. This means you need to replenish that protein fast. Powdered whey protein makes it easy to get that protein back to your muscles.

Muscle Growth without Bulking Up

One of the best workout routines for women is weight training. I get my hour in every day. Weight training is important, not to bulk up, but to build lean muscle. Lean muscle helps keep you sleek and toned and all that lean muscle burns off more calories too. However, for your muscles to grow (no I don’t mean bulk up) you need to get plenty of protein to help heal muscles faster. Since I engage in weight training, I use the best whey protein powder shakes to make sure my muscles heal fast, enhancing the benefits I get from my weight training workout.

Lose Fat

Protein helps to blast fat as well, something most women are interest in. I know that was a big attraction for me when I began using whey protein powder. By taking this supplement, by shake or some other method, you can slow down the depositing of fat on your body while working to improve your lean muscle too. Protein takes energy to break it down, which means you blast fat just by adding the best whey protein powder shakes to your diet.

No, you don’t need to worry about getting bulky if you begin consuming the best whey protein powder shakes. What you will gain is more energy, fewer cravings, better performance, muscle growth and a whole lot more.

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